As educators and parents, we understand how hard it can be to find the perfect place for your child to grow, thrive and learn in a Christ centered, loving environment. We partner with you to help your child reach and exceed every developmental milestone, by using the whole child approach

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Infant (6-weeks to1-year)

Every day babies try to tell us how they feel, what they want and what they are thinking. However, they convey these by cues such as gestures, crying and laughing. We use Baby Signs and differentiation which helps your baby meet and exceed their next respective milestone. When teaching them Baby Signs they are able to sign what they want and how they feel in conjunction with developing verbal communication skills.  

We are able to reduce the baby’s stress and communicate in a way they understand increasing brain development and emotional security.  

We build on their academic growth everyday in a myriad of ways encouraging development such as talking and reading to them, singing, positive play and sensory play. 

Toddler (1 to 2-years)

Toddlers are naturally inquisitive and have a thirst for knowledge and figuring out how things work. They constantly observe their surrounding and process what they are seeing. We want to foster that thirst for knowledge and understanding by:

  • Providing toys that engage them

  • Promoting self-awareness

  • Helping them become more independent in everyday tasks

  • Bringing awareness of others' feelings and opinions

  • Teaching them how to manage their own emotions

  • Establishing relationships built on trust and understanding 

Twos (2 to 3-years)

Two year old’s love to discover their new abilities, be creative, express their opinion and find fun in whatever they do.  With so much energy we want to cultivate that in a developmentally fun way where they can learn and be themselves. We do so by:

  • Reading funny books

  • Running and jumping with letter recognition

  • Encouraging new perspectives

  • Stimulating conversations 

  • Building on existing sentence structure 

  • Focusing on things that interest them

Preschool (3 to 4-years)

Three year old’s love learning new tasks and showcasing their knowledge. They also thrive with social interaction and have a vast capability for knowledge and acceptance. With so much ability to surpass each developmental milestone we want them to also understand that taking time to do something right is just as important as completing the task at hand. We do this by creating an environment and curriculum that promotes:


  • Making informed choices 

  • Cultivating cognitive abilities

  • Building using STEM materials 

  • Participating in in-depth conversations

  • An understanding of how others feel

  • Patience in pressure filled times

  • An emotionally secure place where everyone is valued

Pre-Kindergarten (4 to 5-years)

Pre-Kindergarten students consistently ask questions, ponder problems, want to understand why things happen the way they do and try to accomplish tasks by themselves in their own way. They think in a myriad of ways and learn through many modalities. We know that 90% of the brain will develop by age 5 and it is our goal to stretch them in every facet so they can know they are capable of many things when trusting God and listening to their educators and parents. We do this by teaching them:

  • To work through their emotions

  • Think before they speak

  • Ask questions 

  • Listen and then act

  • Build using STEM materials

  • Learn site words

  • Read books enhancing phonological awareness

  • Count using kinesthetic learning

  • Promote problem solving skills

  • Respect others

  • Utilize diverse materials to create open ended art

  • Foster confidence

  • Establish emotional security inside themselves to know they are always loved.